Hilltop Coffee is a Boutique Coffee Roastery specializing in the finest seasonal coffee varietals and unique blends from the world's most respected growing regions. Roasted in 5 pound batches, Hilltop Coffee is unmatched in quality. Nothing Tops Hilltop.

In 1999 I learned to roast coffee. The late Thomas Shook and the Roastmaster Extraordinaire Bradley Knaub, of Gadsden Coffee, taught me everything there was to know about coffee roasting. Their mentorship focused on creating the finest bean from the finest green coffee, on a beautiful Probat L-12 Roaster. I have been a member of The Specialty Coffee Association of America, The Roasters Guild of America, and hold multiple Certificates in Specialty Roasting, Cupping, and Barista Training. I have devoted the entire Twenty First Century to roasting and bean perfection. One cup of Hilltop Coffee and you will taste the synthesis of superior green bean, and advanced, experienced roasting technique.